19th Annual Golf Outing

Step onto the green with purpose at our 19th Annual Golf Outing on May 20, 2024! This year, we’re taking the golfing experience to new heights by inviting veterans, whose lives have been touched by the generosity of our incredible supporters, to join golf enthusiasts like yourself. Picture a day filled not only with the thrill of the game but also with heartfelt stories of impact and gratitude. Your participation in this event goes beyond the fairways – it creates an opportunity for genuine connections and a shared sense of purpose. By teeing off alongside veterans who have directly benefited from the generosity of our community, you’ll witness firsthand the profound impact your support has had on their lives. Join us on May 20th for a day of golf, camaraderie, and inspiring stories that showcase the true power of generosity. Let’s make a difference together on and off the course!

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