Letters from our Veterans

"Thank you so much for trying to help me, donít know how to thank you."

"I wanted to know if you could please help me get some counseling because Iím canít take this no moreÖ not be able to pay bills, not having a job is getting to me and to be honest I might just snap one day. Thank you so much for helping. God bless."

"Can I just say thank you very much. We really appreciate it. This has eased a huge stress for Tom and myself."

"Thank you so much for what you do for me and my family. God Bless."

"Iím almost mad at you. I donít like feeling vulnerable/emotional but was just unbearably so damn sweet and I havenít had a soft hand like that since I can remember. I donít believe you realize how much hope it gives me and how much I donít want to trust hope because it can be a heavy let down."

"Itís like my 10 years deploying was as if I left a happy life to be stranded on an island and after all the fantasies of seeing my family and returning. I actually make it back to civilization and nobody caresÖas if they forgot I existedÖ.no offense but the person I can talk to is a donor woman Iíve never met."

"I am absolutely humbled and so very grateful and appreciative of you and your organizationís generosity. Iíve heard ďthank you for your serviceĒ so many times over the years but after a while it starts to lose its meaning. This caring act that Defenders of Freedom is bestowing on me has got me tearing up and at an extreme loss for words. Iím sure you guys hear it every day but I want to thank everyone who puts forth the time and effort to help those in need and I assure you this is the 1st time Iíve ever had to ask for help in this context. The only way I can think to show how much it means to me is to pay it forward when I get grounded again."

"I am a former US ARMY veteran I served from 2001-2007. I am 80% disabled from PTSD and a crush injury to my toes. I currently work part time and am trying to make it on my own. My wife had her shoulder blade removed due to bone cancer. Life is a struggle every day dealing with the problems I have, but I keep fighting. My family is a big family, I have four stepsons and three little ones of my own. Having such a big family is proving to be harder than what I expected but still I stand to figure it out. Sept 1 my family and I will be homelessÖI have been saving the best I can but where I live in south Texas the oilfield was in a boom. The rent and deposits exceeds what I have. If it were just monthly without a deposit I could afford it and function smooth. Everywhere I look I lead to dead ends. I for the first time in my life am scared, it is affecting my outlook on everything and it is getting to me. I have nowhere to turn and if I didnít have children it would not bother me so much as I can handle my own whether it be rucking in the park or what not. In my whole life, I have never failed much of anything and at this point it is scaring the life out of me. I usually do not ask anyone for help as I believe to be self-prideful not to. But I am also man enough to ask for help when there is no other choice. I am sure you guys have helped many and understand if you cannot help us. Regardless, thank you for what you have done for my fellow soldiers and my sincere gratitude for any reply. If there is a way you may be able to help."

"My husband is a 100% total and permanently rated Veteran that was injured in Iraq. He is 70% service connected for PTSD, 70% for TBI, 30% for migraines, 10% hearing loss, 20% muscle/bicep injury, and scars. I miss a lot of work to stay home to care for him because of his PTSD. I have to request leave without pay, which has reduced our income. I have finally convinced my husband to apply for SSDI, but that is still pending an approval/denial from them. We have fallen behind in our bills (mortgage, electric-itís current but because we are on the shut-off protection plan we have a balance that keeps accumulating, car insurance and phone bill). We have 3 children. Itís been difficult to stay caught up, and try and provide for our children also. I donít know what we are going to do for the holidays."